Our NEXGENUX is the place where the voice of the user is heard. We are sure of creating products that appeal to the target audience on Web, Mobile and Smart TV.

Highly Responsive

We implement UI & UX development best practices into each stage of the application development life cycle, ensuring that end-user necessities are central to the entire application development process. 


We prototype the big ideas that emerge from your insight and strategy work to simplify complexity and streamline in delivering the right solution.

Mobile Development

Customers love to mobile. NEXGENUX is the prime option for mobile application design and development. We offer unique, creative and user-friendly applications for ios, Andriod and Hybrid. Systematic workflow, interactive development and personalized mobile application development services are the differentiating factors

Mobile Apps

We believe that launching a mobile app is not the end of a comprehensive mobile strategy, but the first leap towards a bigger goal.


We bring power-packed apps that leverage the benefits of mobile app design and development to the maximum extent.


Infrastructure Management

Our Infra services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure. Equipped with proactive staff and capabilities of monitoring and managing desktops, databases, servers and network devices.

Digital Marketing

World is moving towards digital today and NEXGENUX has indentified the digital revolution. You create brand and we make it famous, our comprehensive digital solutions will make your life easier. With hands on experience on Social media marketing, SEM, SEO and Mobile marketing .


Testing and Automation

The Generation has changed, its not ‘how can I support you?’ It is ‘what is my customer expecting?’ Effective testing methodologies has become a critical factor for improving the odds of a new product’s commercial success. This necessitates a high order of cleverness in the testing process beyond mere risk management, cost control, improve and automate over time. Our end-to-end testing services enable our customers to accelerate the delivery of their products and services on the cutting edge of innovation.